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Water features can add a touch of beauty and tranquility to your yard, completing the beautiful landscape of your dreams. At Leafs-U-Green Landscape Services, we can help you with that! Our team has the tools an experience to install many different types of decorative water features, including decorative ponds and trickling waterfalls to improve the beauty of your property. We can help you custom-design the pond or waterfall of your dream, perfectly matching your design goals and even adding functionality to the feature as well!

At Leafs-U-Green Landscape Services, our Santa Clarita landscaping team has nearly 50 years of combined experience building your house into your dream home. Our proven record of outstanding quality results and satisfied clients speaks for itself: we develop creative and beautiful solutions, and we know what it takes to implement and install them correctly. With over 20,000 completed landscaping projects in our history, we’ve handled projects of all different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for just a simple addition to your yard or a complete landscape overhaul, we’re ready to create the property you’ve always dreamed of using the highest quality materials and systems.

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Whether you own a large amount of land or have nothing more than a small and simple yard, a pond can add both beauty and elegance to your property. Ponds can be built into nearly any different shape or size, be accented with a wide range of plants that you may otherwise not be able to sustain on your property without it, and even add other features like waterfalls using a recirculating pump system.

Some ponds can even be designed for animals. Koi ponds are remarkably popular because of their ability to support large and colorful koi fish. While they do require more maintenance because of the aquatic life, a koi pond can be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable part of your property.


Waterfalls are popular water features to go along with ponds. Most decorative waterfalls are generally extremely small and add nothing more than a small, gentle sound of trickling water to your yard, emulating the sound of a moving stream in spring time. You can enjoy this serene and peaceful sound with a small electric pump installed by our Santa Clarita landscaping professionals. Waterfalls come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, and some come in standalone features of a variety of different styles while others can be worked in with other surrounding scenery like rocks or plants.

Pondless Waterfalls

Want to enjoy the beauty of a pond-based water feature without having to install a pond on your property? Pondless waterfall kids can help you do just that! A pondless waterfall system allows you to have an endless, recirculating waterfall on your property without the presence of a pond. Instead, these features draw water from a small reservoir then quickly pump it back up through the system and back out down the fall where it’s reclaimed and recirculated. Like regular waterfalls, these come in a wide range of different shapes and styles to fit your exact landscape desires.

If you’re interested in installing a water feature on your property, contact Leafs-U-Green today.

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