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What Are The Different Types Of Landscape Lighting

Do you feel like the landscape around your home or property is lacking? An easy way to improve its look and feel is adding some outdoor landscape lighting at key locations. With many types of landscape lighting from which to choose, it pays to do a little bit of research before you start your landscaping project.

Popular Types of Outdoor Lighting

  • Path lights: Make it safer to navigate a pathway in the dark by adding a line of path lights that runs adjacent to it. There are so many different designs of path lights, you will certainly be able to find one to your liking. You can get creative and choose path lights paired with solar panels for power, bright LED lights, or even buy a path light equipped with a diffuser that warms an oil with a pleasant scent, welcoming everyone who comes to your property.
  • Post lights: Some homes will benefit from a light atop a post placed at a few perfect spots. You can accentuate a corner of the side of your home with a handful of post lights. You may also want to consider post lights for lining the perimeter of a deck or patio.
  • Step lights: Trip hazards should be a real concern of any homeowner who wants to keep themselves and guests out of harm’s way. You can install step lights into any steps along your home’s pathways, which should greatly reduce the chances of someone stumbling on a step after dark.
  • Spotlights: Larger properties may benefit from spotlights that illuminate sizeable swaths of the landscape. Many homeowners use spotlights to bring attention to a certain architectural design or a specific bit of greenery, like an old oak tree in the yard.
  • Well lights: Did you know that landscape lighting can be installed directly into the ground? Well lights placed throughout a lawn, field, or patch of dirt can really bring an interesting glow to the property.
  • Garden lights: Bring much-deserved attention to your garden by sneaking garden lights into it. Cleverly placed and designed light fixtures can camouflage into the flowers, shrubs, and other plants of your garden, providing light without spoiling the pristine, natural look of the garden.
  • Hardscape lights: LED light technology is amazing for so many reasons, including the fact that it has made hardscape lighting possible. Using a thin cable of LED lights, your landscaper can install it against hard, dense, and stone walls or other fixtures, placing lighting where once it was impossible.

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